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The Magic of the Belgrade View of the World

The entire heritage and spirit of Belgrade, all its sights and charm, are woven into its tourist offer. There are streets, squares, monuments, parks, fountains, archeological sites, places one must definitely see or feel. And when you do it, when you understand its naturalness, relaxedness, its smile, you will understand the very special bond you have with Belgrade
Text: Serbia - NR Press and Tourist Organization of Belgrade Photo: Dragan Bosnić and Aleksandar Ćosić
Belgrade carries many epithets with self-confidence: city of culture, imaginative and inspiring, city of sports and leisure, city of high quality events and festivals, city of good entertainment and nights out, a perfect city break destination…
Island in the Middle of the CityIf you want to completely run away from the bustle, from the everyday life of a big city, you don’t have to go far. Only four kilometers from the city center are the Sava Lake and Ada Ciganlija, favorite resort of Belgrade residents and their guests. The vast green areas of the river island (peninsula), a big and small lake, many wonderful walking trails and bicycle paths, sports facilities, beaches, about a hundred cafés on the shore – enable everyone to find whatever they might need. A city such as Belgrade wouldn’t be so powerfully attractive without its special oasis of peace – Ada Ciganlija.

A city rapidly changing and developing, yet preserving its rich historical past imbued with the Eastern and Western cultures.
Belgrade is an exceptional city, a never ending story, bursting of traces of an extraordinarily long, rich and turbulent history. Its unique soul originates from the richness of differences and spirituality. Beside Athens, it is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The culture of Vinča, discovered in the area of Belgrade, is also one of the oldest known archaeological sites in Europe.
As a consequence of the geographic, historical and social encounter of East and West, Belgrade has a truly authentic atmosphere and recognizable hospitality. Wherever the guests of Belgrade stay, they feel at home, comfortable, relaxed and in good spirits. Staying in Belgrade is simply enjoyable. Thus guests of Belgrade usually say „they will certainly come again”.
Similar to other European cities, Belgrade has its old and its new face, its monuments of the past and its joy of youth. However, cities, like people, differ in their soul and appearance, the authentic charm and sincerity that make them special. The beauty of Belgrade is in the smile, humor, goodness, genuineness, a friendly hand.
Knez-Mihailova Street, the major street of Belgrade, is in the immediate vicinity of the Belgrade Fortress. Never empty. You can measure it in meters or encounters, favorite places and Belgrade institutions. Passers-by, street musicians, friends looking at shop windows, beautiful and colorful people… As a street, it was first mentioned several centuries ago and continued growing together with the city. Many of its previous kafanas, hotels and shops are mentioned in the city chronicles, whilst some of its new important edifices are being entered. This street has important special places, some common and some only our own. The first are in the map of the city, the latter in the hearts of Belgrade residents.
Starting Point of BelgradeThe Belgrade time machine first takes us to the very heart of the city, the Belgrade Fortress, the starting point of all events in Belgrade throughout many centuries, today a favorite city promenade and art lovers’ destination.
During its history, Belgrade has changed its appearance, its visible face many times, but never its particular city spirit – its Belgrade lifestyle.

From Knez-Mihailova, you come to the Republic Square, with the most famous monument in Belgrade: Monument to Prince Mihailo. The National Museum and the National Theater, the most important cultural institutions of the city, are at the edges of the Square.
Only a few hundred meters further from the main city square, the entire city bustle suddenly silent and disappears. The relaxed face of Belgrade can be best seen there, in Skadarlija, the old bohemian quarter, the street of kafanas and poets, a famous place often visited by locals and their guests. Time seems to stop here; the refined casualness and old spirit of the city are simply enchanting. If you don’t feel the nostalgic atmosphere and spirit of Skadarlija, you cannot understand the true soul of this city and its people. Depending on the occasion and taste, in accordance with your mood and time of the day, you can choose a restaurant, menu, wine, melody. One thing will remain the same though: the recognizable homelike taste of Skadarlija.
During your stay in Belgrade, in the mentioned or some other places, those recommended or those you have discovered yourself, you will realize your special bond with the city.
The entire heritage and entire spirit of Belgrade, all its sights and all the charm, are woven into the city’s tourist offer. There are streets, squares, monuments, parks, fountains, archeological sites, places one must definitely see or feel.
Take a walk through Belgrade’s cultural and historical heritage places, we are sure you will like them.
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